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Comprehensive AC Cleaning Services in Joliet, IL

There are some things that a Joliet area homeowner can do to ensure their air conditioner is clean, including clearing away debris like tree branches, leaves, or lawn mulch from the outside unit. You can also change the HVAC air filter every 1-3 months to keep air flowing into your system as it should.

For comprehensive AC cleaning that impacts all the internal components of your air conditioner, you will want to work with an experienced professional. Fortunately, you needn’t look far to find one—we’re your team! Our EPA-certified technicians have provided premier AC cleaning services throughout Joliet, IL, and the surrounding communities for over 30 years!

Contact Comfort First Heating and Cooling, Inc. today for a quality AC cleaning service. We put your comfort first!

Where You Can Find Our AC Cleaners

When you use an air conditioning system, it’s important to clean it on a routine basis. However, if you’re like most homeowners in the area, finding the time to perform AC maintenance can be a struggle. After all, your work schedule, personal interests, and kids’ after-school activities have you pulled in a million different directions already. How could you possibly find the time (or energy) to clean your system’s condenser unit or air handler?

The good news is that you don’t have to find the time or muster up the energy! Let our AC cleaning professionals in Joliet, IL, take care of this task for you. We’ll keep your air conditioner operating at peak efficiency by clearing dust, dirt, and debris from every inch of your system. In addition to Joliet, we clean air conditioners in the following communities:

  • Millington, IL
  • Newark, IL
  • Plano, IL
  • Carbon Hill, IL
  • Dwight, IL
  • Gardner, IL

The Importance of Cleaning an AC Unit

Whether summer is already here or it’s swiftly approaching, you have a crucial need for a functioning air conditioning system. While there are a few steps you can take to maintain your air conditioner yourself, it is vital you have your AC unit routinely serviced by a professional technician. Investing in AC cleaning services from our Joliet, IL, experts can help protect your unit’s components from wear and tear, prevent costly repairs, and ensure that it is functioning efficiently.

Lower Energy Costs

Joliet area homeowners are often looking for ways to lower their monthly energy costs. A comprehensive AC cleaning from our Joliet, IL, technicians can help. When AC components aren’t bogged down with dust, dirt, and other debris that can cause friction on parts and airflow issues, the air conditioner is able to successfully reach the desired temperature on your thermostat faster.

Otherwise, it’s going to struggle to do so, and that’s when your air conditioner starts consuming more energy in order to do its job. When something consumes more energy than it should to operate effectively, this is considered inefficient — and costly!

Longer Lifespan

When an AC unit is dirty, it puts extra strain on its components, which can cause them to break down prematurely. Regularly cleaning an AC unit can help extend its lifespan and delay the need for costly repairs or a new AC installation.

Better Air Quality

The air that flows from your AC unit circulates through your home, carrying with it any dust, dirt, or allergens on the unit’s surface. When you clean your air conditioner (and its individual parts, such as the air filters), you remove these contaminants and improve the air quality in your home.

Improved Cooling Performance

Finally, cleaning your AC unit ensures that it functions at peak performance. A clean air conditioner is better able to cool your home effectively and efficiently, ensuring your comfort during even the hottest summer days.

Don’t Neglect Your AC Coils!

Two of the most crucial components of any air conditioning unit are the evaporator and condenser coils. These coils are responsible for transferring heat to and from the indoor and outdoor units. If the air conditioner coils become dirty or damaged, it can significantly impact the unit’s cooling performance. That’s why cleaning AC coils on a routine basis is essential to ensure your unit is functioning optimally.

Over time, the air conditioner condenser coils can get covered in dirt, dust, and other debris, which can inhibit their ability to release heat efficiently. This can lead to decreased cooling performance, increased energy bills, and even equipment malfunction. Regularly cleaning AC coils ensures they are free from obstructions and can release heat easily, which helps maintain the overall performance of the air conditioner.

Keep Your System Running Efficiently With an AC Cleaning Service Today!

If you’re a homeowner looking to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly and efficiently, it’s time to invest in professional AC cleaning services. Comfort First Heating and Cooling employs a team of experienced and highly trained HVAC specialists who are dedicated to ensuring your central air conditioner is in excellent condition so you can enjoy cool air throughout the summer months.

Our AC cleaners utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to thoroughly clean your AC unit — from the coils to the air filters. With our cleaning services, you can rest easy knowing that your air conditioner will work efficiently and effectively without the risk of unexpected breakdowns or repairs.

Contact Comfort First Heating and Cooling today to schedule an AC cleaning service for your home in Joliet, IL, or the surrounding areas, including Millington, Newark, Plano, Carbon Hill, Dwight, and Gardner, IL. We can also help you with an AC repair or installation to ensure that your system is working at peak performance.