4 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

Monday, June 22nd, 2020

outside-ac-unit-with-clipboard-on-topAir conditioner repair is one of those professional services you never want to put off. You may be tempted to—after all if your system is still running and you don’t really have repairs in your budget, why bother? Well, because by ignoring repair needs, you risk your air conditioner completely breaking down when you need it the most, right in the middle of summer.

We urge you to take care of your system as soon as you realize you need a repair. But, how do you know when this is the case? We ask this knowing that you aren’t an AC expert—that’s what we are here for! But it is important for you to know the basics, and know the signs that it’s time to call a pro, which we’ve shared below!

Sign #1: Your AC Isn’t Keeping You Cool

You may think this would be a pretty apparent and obvious sign of AC trouble, but you might be surprised at how long many homeowners wait to deal with this type of issue, believing it’s not that bad. It also doesn’t help that this problem usually happens right at the height of summer.

Temperatures rise and may lead you to believe that your air conditioner is just struggling with the high temps. But this isn’t the case—your air conditioner should be able to effectively cool off your home. If it can’t, then you need to schedule an appointment with a professional.

Sign #2: Your Energy Bills Are Too High

Do you dread receiving your energy bill during the summer months? Sure, your air conditioner is there to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long. But it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to do so. If your energy bills are much higher this summer than they were the same time last year, it’s time to take a look at your AC—or rather, call us to take a look.

This is a sign that something is causing your air conditioner to work inefficiently, therefore running longer and drawing more electricity than it should.

Sign #3: Your AC Is Cycling On and Off Rapidly

This is a process known as short-cycling. Your air conditioner turns on, runs for a very brief time, then cycles right back off before even completing a full cooling cycle. But then it turns back on again. This whole time, it never effectively cools down your whole home because it doesn’t run long enough to do so.

The heat inside your home will keep signaling the thermostat to turn your AC on, but this short-cycling will just wear down your air conditioner faster—leading to increased wear and tear, repair needs, and even premature replacement. If you hear your system short-cycling, it’s time to give us a call!

Sign #4: You Hear Strange Noises

Your air conditioner isn’t silent—that you know. There’s no way for it to be. However, it shouldn’t be clanging, banging, grinding, screeching, or hissing. If you hear anything outside of the normal sounds of operation, it’s a sign you need a repair.

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