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Heating Repair Services

When something goes wrong with your heating system and it stops providing warmth on a cold winter day, our team will be there to restore comfort to your home. At Comfort First Heating & Cooling, we care about providing customers with superior services, which is why we’re committed to communicating every step of the process and completing every repair job efficiently.

We’re knowledgeable of many heating and cooling systems and use that expertise to offer the best HVAC service possible. To schedule repairs for your heating unit, give us a call today.

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Our Heating Repair Services Are Available in Many Locations

  • Aurora
  • Bolingbrook
  • Braceville
  • Braidwood
  • Carbon Hill
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  • Channahon
  • Coal City
  • Crest Hill
  • Diamond
  • Dwight
  • Elwood
  • Frankfort
  • Gardner
  • Godley
  • Homer Glen
  • Lemont
  • Lockport
  • Manhattan
  • Marseilles
  • Millington
  • Minooka
  • Mazon
  • Mokena
  • Montgomery
  • Morris
  • Naperville
  • New Lenox
  • Newark
  • Orland Park
  • Oswego
  • Plainfield
  • Plano
  • Rockdale
  • Romeoville
  • Seneca
  • Shorewood
  • Tinley Park
  • Verona
  • Wilmington
  • Yorkville

Signs You Should Schedule Heating Repair

Insufficient Warmth

When your heater isn’t providing enough warmth, it’s a clear sign that it needs repairs. This problem can occur for various issues, such as a malfunctioning thermostat, clogged filters, or even wear and tear in your heating system. To accurately diagnose and resolve the problem, the best course of action is to consult our heating and cooling services.

At Comfort First, we have the necessary expertise to assess the system and suggest necessary repairs or even a new furnace installation if required. Keep in mind that regular maintenance can prevent these issues, ensuring your system runs efficiently and keeps your home cozy.

Strange Smells

If your heater is emitting strange smells, we’ll know how to fix it. Odd odors often indicate burning dust, but they can also suggest more serious problems like a gas leak or electrical issues. 

These are not just a matter of discomfort but safety, too. We can identify the root cause and fix it, ensuring the air in your home remains safe and pleasant. Remember, a well-functioning furnace not only heats your home but also maintains air quality, which is vital for the health and comfort of homeowners.

The Pilot Light Is Yellow

A yellow pilot light in your heater is a red flag and requires immediate attention. This usually points to a ventilation problem, where the unit isn’t getting enough air to burn the gas completely. It could lead to the production of carbon monoxide, a dangerous gas. At Comfort First, we have experience correcting this issue — ensuring your system operates safely and efficiently.

High Heating Bills

When your energy bills are higher than usual, an inefficient heating system can be the culprit. This can be caused by several factors, including poor insulation, duct leaks, or an aging furnace. The team at Comfort First can conduct an energy audit and suggest solutions like furnace repairs or new furnace installation. 

Additionally, investing in an efficient system and scheduling timely repairs can significantly reduce costs in the long run. As a result, a well-maintained HVAC system not only saves money but also contributes to environmental conservation by reducing energy consumption.

When Your Heater Needs Repairs, You Should Never Ignore It

Depending on the circumstances, ignoring a heater in need of repairs can lead to dire consequences. For example, a faulty heater can compromise the comfort and safety of your home, escalate repair costs, and even cause complete system failure. Delaying repairs can turn minor issues into major ones, necessitating expensive replacements like a new furnace or a comprehensive system overhaul. 

Timely assistance from Comfort First ensures that your system operates correctly and efficiently. Moreover, a well-maintained heating unit provides consistent heat, clean air, and lower energy bills. As such, it’s important to heed the signs that your heater might be signaling for help.

If You Ever Need Heating Repair in Joliet and the Surrounding Area, Give Us a Call

Regardless of why your heater has become dysfunctional, you can count on our experienced team to restore normalcy to your home. Additionally, we also offer furnace repair, air conditioning repair, air conditioner installation, and an array of other services that will keep your HVAC system in check.

To learn more about our services and to schedule one for your home, reach out to us today.

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