How an Air Scrubber Helps Your Home Indoor Air Quality

Monday, December 10th, 2018

Sick woman blowing her noseIf you’re a homeowner here in Joliet who understands the importance of your indoor air quality, you’re already a step ahead. Your home’s indoor air quality is often a lot worse than the outdoor air quality here in Illinois. Are you suffering from allergies, difficulty breathing, dry or itchy eyes, sneezing, or wheezing? You can benefit from a home air purification system. There are many different styles of air purifiers that you can choose from, but we recommend an air scrubber. If you’d like an air scrubber in your Joliet home, contact our team. We can assess your space and ensure that this system is the best for you.

What’s an Air Scrubber?

An air scrubber is a portable filtration system that removes particles, gasses, and chemicals from the air in your home. The air passes through a series of heavy-duty filters to cut airborne contaminants. If you decide to install an air scrubber in your home, you’ll enjoy a cleaner space, reduced allergy symptoms, and lessened cold and flu symptoms.

What an Air Scrubber Does

As we mentioned above, an air scrubber has a myriad of benefits for your home including the following:

Neutralizes Odors

When you think of an air purifier, you might think of a system that cleans your air and frees your home of contaminants, but air purifiers also work to neutralize odors in your home. Sometimes we become so accustomed to living with certain odors in our homes that we no longer even notice them, but we can assure you, they’re still there. Household cooking smells, odors from pets, and other aspects leave scents lingering in our home.

Eliminates Pet Allergens

You love your pets, but your furry friends do come with some unforeseen side effects. Having your animals inside your home allows opportunities for their hair to shed throughout your home. An air scrubber is a great system because it seizes these contaminants, traps, and eliminates them from causing respiratory problems in your home.

Disinfects Air

This is the main purpose of an air scrubber. If you don’t have an air purification system in your home, your air is filled with airborne bacteria, dust, and mold spores. You might not think about this on a daily basis and you’re probably used to the negative effects of this but putting a filtration system in place to catch and neutralize these threats will help you breathe easier and improve the overall comfort of your home.

Removes Dust

Are you dusting your home more often than you’d like to? It’s probably because of your HVAC system. When you don’t have a great air purification system in place, dust will keep appearing in your home no matter how often you clean because there’s no way for it to leave your system. You can dramatically reduce the amount of dust in your home with an air scrubber which will trap dust particles in the air and eliminate them.

Looking to install an air scrubber in your home? Contact Comfort First Heating and Cooling, Inc. to schedule an appointment today.

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