The Best Ductless Mini Splits for Summer Heat

Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

If you need to upgrade your home’s cooling system and want a unit that can protect you from the sweltering summer heat, then consider a mini-split system! These ductless systems offer a number of advantages over standard air conditioner units, such as more advanced zoning, heating, and cooling capabilities, and much more.

However, given how there are so many types available, choosing the best ductless mini-split for your home can be tricky. To help you make an informed decision, let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of ductless mini-split systems available and how they differ from one another.

Single and Multi-Zone Mini-Splits

Single-zone and multi-zone mini-splits cater to different spatial heating and cooling needs. A single-zone system consists of one outdoor unit connected to one indoor unit, making it ideal for managing the temperature in a single room or space. This setup is straightforward, with less complexity in the installation process, potentially leading to lower installation costs.

Meanwhile, a multi-zone system connects one outdoor unit to multiple indoor units, allowing for individual temperature control in various rooms or zones. This capability makes multi-zone systems more flexible and energy-efficient for larger spaces or homes with distinct heating and cooling requirements across rooms. The key difference lies in the system’s ability to offer zoned cooling and heating — with multi-zone systems providing a customizable solution for diverse environments.

Wall-Mounted Mini-Splits

Wall-mounted mini-splits are a popular choice thanks to their ease of installation and versatility in various living spaces. Mounted high on a wall, these units distribute air across the room efficiently, making them a fitting option for both small and larger rooms. The wall-mounted design differentiates itself from other mini-splits through its visible presence in a room and its direct airflow, offering a balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality. 

Compared to other models, wall-mounted units often feature a more straightforward installation process, requiring no changes to the room’s structure or layout. Their accessibility for maintenance and control, often through a wireless remote control or smart features, underscores their appeal for homeowners seeking a blend of convenience, efficiency, and aesthetic integration into their existing construction.

Ceiling Cassette Mini-Splits

Ceiling cassette mini-splits distinguish themselves through their installation within a room’s ceiling, providing a discreet solution for air conditioning needs. This type of system is particularly suited for large spaces or commercial settings where wall space is limited or where a more unobtrusive air conditioning option is desired. Unlike wall-mounted units, ceiling cassettes are installed flush with the ceiling — distributing cooled or heated air evenly throughout the room from a central point. 

This installation style not only conserves wall and floor space but also contributes to a more uniform temperature distribution across the space. While ceiling cassette units require a more involved installation process — potentially increasing installation costs — they offer a sophisticated solution that minimizes the visual impact of the air conditioning unit on the room’s aesthetic.

Concealed Duct Mini-Splits

Concealed duct mini-splits offer a unique solution among ductless mini-split air systems by integrating into a building’s existing structure — hidden above the ceiling or behind walls. This system connects to air vents that allow for seamless distribution of air without the visual presence of an indoor unit. Concealed duct systems are ideal for those who prefer not to have the indoor units of their air conditioning system visible, making them an ideal choice for finished basements, historic homes, or spaces where preserving aesthetic integrity is a priority.

Despite being part of the ductless category, this system mimics traditional HVAC systems in its air distribution while still offering the energy efficiency and individual room control associated with mini splits. The installation of concealed duct systems is more complex than other ductless options, requiring careful planning and a qualified contractor to ensure compatibility with the existing construction.

Floor-Standing Mini-Splits

Floor-standing mini-splits are tailored for spaces where wall or ceiling installations are not feasible or desired. Positioned at floor level, these units are an excellent choice for rooms with glass walls or concrete structures or in cases where wall and ceiling mounting would disrupt the room’s aesthetics. Floor-standing units are particularly adept at heating, as they distribute warm air from a lower point in the room, allowing for rapid and efficient heating of the space.

This type of mini-split system differs from others by offering an alternative that doesn’t compromise on space or design, providing flexibility in installation and use. While they may occupy floor space, their design often complements the room’s interior — and, like other mini splits, they come with remote control capabilities and smart features for enhanced convenience.

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