Why Should You Install a New Furnace and AC at the Same Time?

Monday, March 29th, 2021

AC-and-furnace-ductworkThe time of year has come to start thinking about our cooling needs for the coming spring and summer. This means if your air conditioner is on the newer side and in good shape, it’s time to schedule a tune-up to keep it that way. If your air conditioner is aging, however (10-15 years old) and starting to show signs of struggle, it’s time to consider a replacement.

Before you rush out and purchase a new air conditioner though, there are a number of things to consider, including whether or not it would be beneficial to have a new furnace installed at the same time. In many cases, this is a good option. Read on as we uncover why!

Financial Savings

All HVAC components are designed to work together, giving you the highest efficiency possible throughout the years. So if you have an older air conditioner paired with a newer furnace that isn’t showing signs of disrepair yet, it may be tempting to only replace the AC unit. But over the months and years, having two new systems installed at once will help these system perform at their best, using less energy and costing you less to operate.

Additionally, there are components shared by each of these systems (like your ductwork!) Replacing one without the other can void the warranty on one or both systems, whether or not it breaks down within the warranty period. This could leave you with costly repairs or replacement costs that you wouldn’t have had to incur otherwise.

Ease of Installation

When our professionals install your air conditioner, there are components of both of your HVAC systems that have to get shifted around. This includes your ductwork, which can be damaged in the process, and also we have to remove the coil to get to the furnace when we install an air conditioner, anyway.

Mixing old and new equipment can result in a drop in system performance, and make installation more difficult which means more money out of your pocket. The furnace will eventually need to be replaced anyway, so you may as well knock it all out in one go, right?

Ease of Scheduling

Springtime is the perfect time to schedule HVAC replacement services at your convenience. This is typically when our temperatures are milder, which means our technicians are less likely to be out on emergency and repair calls. You can always count on us devoting the time necessary to your HVAC installation, but doing it now increases the chances of you getting this on your schedule easily and conveniently.

“Should I Ever Not Replace These Systems Together?”

If your furnace is 5-7 years old, has never experienced any unusual repair needs, and you’ve had maintenance diligently done each and every year, then you may not need to replace it at the same time as your AC. But in most cases, replacing your furnace system in conjunction with your air conditioner is the best option. We’re happy to look at your specific home and needs to help you make an educated decision.

For professional installation of your Joliet HVAC system, contact Comfort First Heating and Cooling, Inc. today. We put your comfort first!

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