Caring for Your Boiler: What You Should Know

Monday, November 23rd, 2020

top-of-boiler-with-pressure-gaugeBoilers are very sturdy heating systems. In fact, that’s why many homeowners throughout Joliet and beyond choose these systems to keep their homes comfortable in the winter. With fewer moving parts than the more traditional furnaces or heat pumps, they tend to have fewer repair needs, too. But boilers still deserve to be cared for just like any other heating system. And what many homeowners don’t realize is just like any other type of heater, boilers need professional maintenance to prevent repair needs!

If you have any hope of continuing to enjoy the comfort and energy savings they bring throughout the years, then you’ll want to make sure you properly care for your boiler, through professional maintenance. Read on to learn more!

The Importance of Scheduling Annual Boiler Maintenance

Are you one of the many homeowners utilizing a gas-powered boiler? There are definitely electric boilers on the market, and if you have one then this part doesn’t apply to you—but keep reading!

Any gas-powered appliance must get inspected on a regular basis to ensure that it’s operating as safely as possible. Allowing a gas-powered boiler to go on without professional inspections on a regular basis can lead to a number of problems such as gas leaks into your home, or a cracked heat exchanger. There’s no reason to take chances when it comes to your household safety. When your boiler is properly maintained each fall or winter, you’re giving it its best chance of operating without any health or safety concerns.

All types of boilers also will suffer from wear and tear. It’s a bit different from the wear that furnaces get. While furnaces have components that create friction on one another, boilers are constantly exposed to water. Boilers are, of course, constructed to resist corrosion for as long as they can, but neglect can and will allow rust to begin forming.

If your boiler system starts to rust, it means the tank needs to be replaced. This is an expensive job, especially when you weren’t expecting it! Fortunately, if the rust is isolated to one area, like the heat exchanger, we may be able to just replace that component. But if corrosion has reached the lining of the boiler tank, then replacement is the only option. Maintenance helps our technicians check to see if your boiler is close to this point or if there’s anything you can do to prevent corrosion in your boiler’s current state.

Another problem that any boiler can face is water leaks. Our techs will check for leaks in the tank and the pipes leading into it during maintenance. We’ll also flush the boiler tank as needed—getting rid of any sediment that’s settled on the bottom of the tank.

This sediment comes from hard water, or water with a high level of magnesium, calcium, and sometimes iron in it. Hard water can be resolved with a whole-house water softener. Reach out to our team to learn more and to schedule your tune-up so you can avoid the above-mentioned problems.

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