Boost Your Heating Efficiency This Year with These Tips

Monday, November 9th, 2020

animated-checklistWinter is just around the corner, and we want to help you be prepared! Let’s face it, it can get pretty darn cold around here. And you need a fully functional and highly efficient heater to see you through the season.

Having a great heater is about a number of things—it means you want a heater that is reliable, effective, and highly efficient. Our winters and sometimes even our springs stay chilly for too long to sacrifice any of this or to overpay for comfort. Fortunately, there are some relatively simple steps you can take toward boosting your heating efficiency and saving even more money as a result.

Read on as we uncover our top heating efficiency-boosting tips.

Tip #1: Upgrade Your Thermostat

The thermostat of your HVAC unit may seem like a very small part of the overall system, and it is. However, it has a very big job—it serves as the brain of your heating and cooling systems. It is the component through which you are able to communicate with your home comfort systems. Upgrading to even the most basic digital thermostat, or even better, a WiFi thermostat, can help you start enjoying much more efficient comfort.

Tip #2: Use Weatherstripping to Keep Drafts Out

The heat from your furnace or heat pump can actually seep out of your home through cracks in the windows and doors. This means you’ll essentially lose energy that you’re still paying for. You might want to consider investing in weatherstripping to seal up your windows and doors. This will help make sure that the heat from your heater stays in your home.

Tip #3: Utilize Your Ceiling Fans

Most homeowners know to use their ceiling fans in the summertime to help better distribute cooled air better so they can turn their thermostats up a bit. But did you know you can apply the same concept in the wintertime? There is a switch near the center of the fan that allows you to switch the direction of the fan blades, and it actually pushes hot air down for better heating efficiency.

Tip #4: Schedule a Heating Tune-Up!

We talked about this in our last blog post, but it’s always worth mentioning again. We really can’t overstate the importance of this service. Scheduling regular maintenance for your furnace, heat pump, or boiler is the leading way to ensure that your heater works as effectively as possible throughout its entire lifespan.

During your seasonal tune-ups, our professionals fully inspect your heating system for any potential repair issues, we make necessary adjustments, and we comprehensively clean the system inside and out. By following all these steps, we help ensure that your heater is functioning as well as it possibly can.

So how often should you schedule maintenance? Well, this will vary depending on the type of heating system you have. A furnace requires maintenance once a year. But if you’re using a year-round heat pump, then it requires this service every 6 months.

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