Is It Too Late for Heating Maintenance?

Monday, January 30th, 2023

Every time the new year comes and goes, we get a lot of calls from people thinking that it’s just too late for maintenance at this point. If your heater has been working well so far, then winter is almost over, so it’s probably better to just invest in AC maintenance for the spring and summer to come, right? Well, not exactly.

Both your heating system and your air conditioning unit need maintenance, not just one. And routine maintenance isn’t necessarily late or early, it depends on the routine aspect of it.

We’d like to focus on heating maintenance and when it might be too late to invest in it. As of now, if your heating system is working reliably, then it’s definitely not too late for maintenance. You can always trust your local pros for heating maintenance in Crest Hill, IL!

Maintenance Is a Routine Thing

When you ask yourself if late maintenance is worth it, think about the last time you had maintenance done. Was it a year ago? Two years ago? Never? This is going to impact your heating system far more than whether you had it in the spring or fall.

Maintenance is a routine thing which means it’s more important to get it done routinely than during a specific time of year. Whether you have it done in the spring or fall is not as important as getting it done at all.

Think about it this way, your car requires oil every few thousand miles or every six months. This should be done routinely, regardless of what season it is or how much you’ve been driving it. Regardless of how much your heater has been working, or what season it is, just make sure you get maintenance done once a year.

The Benefits of Late Maintenance

Even if your maintenance is late, you can still get a lot of benefits from it. Here are just a few:

  • Efficiency. Your system will work efficiently if it’s been maintained properly.
  • Convenience. A well-maintained heating system will be more responsive and work more easily than a system that’s been neglected. You’ll also get peace of mind knowing that your system is in peak condition.
  • Comfort. Maintenance helps keep temperatures warm and cozy in your house for longer.

What Can Go Wrong Without Maintenance

Lack of maintenance can be a big problem for people who want their heating systems to last a long time. There are a lot of components inside of these machines that can wear down over time and maintenance is one of the ways to get the full lifespan of the system you paid so much money for.

Over time, not only can components break more frequently, but they can also run less efficiently. You can assume that you’ll lose about 5% of your system’s efficiency per year of missed maintenance, compounding that to a pretty hefty number if it’s not dealt with accordingly.

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