Yes, Maintenance is Necessary! This is Why

Monday, March 18th, 2019

top-view-of-working-toolsWhen you think about your maintenance services, do you think about these services as an added “extra?” You really shouldn’t. There really isn’t a better way to keep your system in top shape other than routine maintenance. You should be scheduling maintenance services in the fall in preparation for winter and in the spring in preparation for summer. If you choose not to do so, you’re only putting your heating and cooling system at a really big risk of system failure. The only way to maintain a great furnace in Joliet, IL is to contact our team. We have thorough maintenance services that are sure to leave you satisfied and we can do everything at a great price.

How Routine Maintenance Benefits You

You might wonder how maintenance benefits you, after all, if your heating and cooling system seem to run fine why pay the extra fee to have a professional perform services for you? Maintenance services do the following:

  • Lower Your Energy Bills: When you keep your maintenance system up to par, you’ll always heat or cool your home at the highest efficiency levels possible. Efficiency is very important in everything HVAC and when your system is efficient, you’ll receive the benefit of lower HVAC bills.
  • Avoid Breakdowns and Repairs: When your HVAC system is fine-tuned, you can avoid a big repair or even a breakdown in your home. That’s because routine maintenance gives a service professional the opportunity to spot any problems in your system before it becomes a big issue.
  • Elongates Your System Lifespan: Taking care of your HVAC system means it takes care of you! A well-maintained system will last much longer than a poorly maintained one.

Our Maintenance Plan

Your HVAC system performs a hard task: keeping your home comfortable. Here in Joliet, we have cold winters and extremely hot summers so both your heating and cooling system really gets put to work year-round. Because of this, we offer great maintenance services, our agreement includes:

  • Priority Scheduling: When you’re enrolled in our maintenance plan and you call our team, you’ll benefit from priority scheduling meaning that your call or request jumps to the front of the line.
  • 15% Off: Any repairs you have performed by our team will and 15% off.
  • Waived Overtime Fees: You’ll never have to worry about overtime charges when you contact our professionals.
  • A Savings Plan: When you enroll in our maintenance plan, you’ll accrue $25 that can go to new equipment for your system annually.
  • No Service Charge: When you have repairs performed by our team we’ll waive the service charge.
  • A Lifetime Warranty: We’re so assured about the quality of our repairs that we’ve set up a lifetime warranty.
  • A Locked in Price: The price of your maintenance plan that you sign up with is the price that you keep for life.

We offer a maintenance program to make things easier on you! We’ll call you to ensure that you schedule your two biannual maintenance appointments (one in preparation for winter and another in preparation for summer) and help you save money.

Your maintenance services are really the deciding factor between you having and great HVAC system or a mediocre one. If you want great maintenance services, contact Comfort First Heating and Cooling Inc. today.

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