Are You Making These Mistakes with Your AC Efficiency?

Monday, May 11th, 2020

top-view-outdoor-ac-unitWhen you think about running your AC system, you probably don’t think of doing this in a “wrong” or “right” way. We aren’t planning on getting too technical here in this post, but we do want you to understand a few things about your air conditioner and its ability. The fact of the matter is, you can avoid a lot of problems with efficiency or needless repairs by avoiding some common mistakes homeowners make.

Our goal is to help you do just that, and when you do have a problem with your cooling system functionality, we’re the team to call. Read on as we uncover some of the top mistakes homeowners make in their homes that hurt their AC efficiency.

They Keep an Outdated Thermostat

We’ve mentioned this in previous blog posts, but it really is important to keep in mind—an aging, ineffective thermostat will negatively impact your home in more ways than one. Old manual slider thermostats are not as accurate in temperature setting as even the most basic digital thermostat.

Switching over to a programmable thermostat will help you use energy more efficiently and save money as a result, while a WiFi or smart thermostat installation will save you even more! If you’re looking for energy savings, costs savings, and home comfort that you can rely on, make sure to contact our professionals to learn about your thermostat options.

They Skip AC Maintenance

Have you scheduled your spring air conditioning maintenance appointment yet? We understand with more pressing manners on your mind, this can happen. Perhaps you had a reminder set up to schedule a tune-up, but canceled due to current circumstances.

We assure you though, having a professional technician who is taking proper health and safety precautions, as we are, check your system for wear and tear and anything that needs adjusting or cleaning is the best way to help you save money on your energy bills, and avoid premature AC system replacement.

They Let Their Indoor Air Quality Get Bad

Do you find yourself or anyone in your family consistently coughing, wheezing, or sneezing no matter the time of year? Or perhaps you find your home is excessively humid in the summer? These are both annoying problems, for one. But two, they’re threatening your health and three, this affects the quality of your air conditioning system, too.

Air conditioners do have some dehumidification properties, plus they have an air filter in them. However, this does not mean air conditioners are designed to protect your indoor air quality—they’re not! In fact, when you have poor indoor air quality or a clogged air filter, it causes your air conditioner to run longer to meet the desired temperature on your thermostat—therefore it’s working inefficiently.

These problems can be resolved with the right indoor air quality products and services, such as a dehumidifier, a whole-house air filtration system, and/or duct cleaning services. Call us to see what will best benefit your home!

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