Did You Include Your Ducts in Your Spring Cleaning?

Monday, March 30th, 2020

duct-that-has-been-cleanedIn our last blog post, we walked through some of the spring cleaning steps to take to ensure your home is ready to provide you with clean and healthy air. One of the methods we discussed was air duct cleaning—a service that is vital to the efficiency of your HVAC systems and the health of your indoor air.

Without regular duct cleaning, you may be breathing in contaminants, you can feel colder in the winter due to lack of airflow (as well as warmer in the summer for the same reason), and you can be paying more than necessary for your HVAC operation. Not sure if you really need duct cleaning? Read on as we uncover some of the biggest benefits.

Lowered Energy Bills

Getting your ducts cleaned helps you keep your energy bills low. There are a number of factors that contribute to improved efficiency, and clean ducts are one of them. When you have professional air duct cleaning done, our techs will thoroughly clear away any dust, dirt, grime, and other debris that’s sitting in your system, reducing the efficacy of that system. At that point, your system can better heat or cool your home and use less energy doing so.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The main reason many homeowners seek out an air duct cleaning is to improve their indoor air quality. If you live in a newer, energy-efficient home, your indoor air quality can actually be worse than in an older home! This is because modern homes are built very tightly, which is great news for HVAC efficiency since no conditioned air escapes.

But that also means that contaminants and allergens can’t escape when they get sucked into your ductwork and then blown back out into your living space. This constant circulation of dust and debris leads to very poor indoor air quality, but it can be resolved in part by having your ducts professionally cleaned.

Increased Comfort

Dirty ductwork reduces the effectiveness of your home’s air conditioner and forced-air heating system. When your ducts are regularly cleaned, however, the airflow is improved, which increases the comfort of your home!

As we progress into the warmer months, we’ll also take this time to include that if you want even more comfort, you may want to consider the installation of a whole-home dehumidifier, as well.

Longer HVAC System Lifespan

Having your ductwork cleaned reduces the strain on your HVAC systems. Even seemingly minor stress, like reduced airflow, wears down on your home’s HVAC system over time. It’s important that you properly maintain your whole HVAC system to protect against this, and that includes scheduling duct cleaning.

The good news is, duct cleaning isn’t a service you need every year. Every 2-3 years should suffice. But if you don’t know the last time your ducts were cleaned, now is as good of a time as any to give us a call!

For professional duct cleaning in Joliet, IL, contact Comfort First heating and Cooling, Inc. We’re now offering $100 off your air duct cleaning or $100 off an Air Scrubber Plus indoor air quality system!

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