“Do I Have to Hire a Professional for My Heater Installation?”

Monday, February 28th, 2022

If you’ve come across this post in an internet search this time of the year, then there is a very good chance that you’re in a rush to get a new heating system and bring warmth back into your home. And you might be tempted to just go buy the most affordable system you can get and install it yourself.

Unfortunately, it can be a really big mistake to rush into a purchase like this, as well as to attempt a DIY furnace or heater installation. If you want your heater installation to be done accurately and reliably, then it’s important that you trust a pro. Read on to find out why!

Pros Know How to Remove the Old System, Safely

Removing an old heater seems like an easy enough step, right? However, homeowners often don’t realize that this can be the most laborious part of the whole heater replacement process. Even though you’re not putting the new heater in yet, your installer has to remove the old one without accidentally knocking anything out of place or damaging connections that are needed for the new heater, such as your air ducts or the gas lines.

There is actually a decent room for error in this step of the heater installation process, so you want to ensure that you have experienced professionals doing this.

Pros Make the Appropriate Connections

Onto those connections we just mentioned–there is actually a lot we have to do in order to successfully set up your heater. Once the new system is in place and properly bolted to the ground, our installers connect it to the essential components that it needs to function, such as the ductwork and gas line we mentioned above.

There is also electrical wiring to consider. Even modern gas furnaces have electrical wiring. Actually, most don’t even use a standing pilot light anymore.

Our professionals will successfully connect your new furnace or heating system to its power source, and if it is a gas-powered heater then we’ll make sure there isn’t any damage to the gas line that could otherwise become a problem.

Pros Test the Heater’s Functionality

Could you imagine if a general handyman or even an overenthusiastic “DIY-er” put your new heating system in place and then left your home without even turning it on to make sure it works? This is something you don’t need to worry about when you hire trained and experienced professionals for your heater installation.

Professionals, such as the techs on our team, will ensure that your furnace or heater is operational–that it’s working efficiently and safely. Testing your system’s operation enables us to spot any potential problems, such as if the gas line isn’t connected right or if the heater isn’t venting as it should.

Hiring a professional for your heater installation means you’ll get matched with the right system, and that it works as effectively and safely as possible for the years to come.

Hiring a pro for your heating installation is the best way to prevent problems like unexpected heating repair in New Lenox, IL

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