Have You Scheduled AC Maintenance Yet?

Monday, April 13th, 2020

ac-technician-in-foreground-on-tablet-and-technician-in-background-looking-in-tool-bag-on-top-of-ac-unitTemperatures are still cool for now, but you know as well as we do that summer can surprise us by coming early—and if that happens, it’s vital that your air conditioner be ready for it.

Look, we understand—when an HVAC professional recommends maintenance for your air conditioner, it’s easy to dismiss the suggestion. Unless you have a repair need, it can be tempting to put off AC service in an attempt to save money, particularly if you think your air conditioner is currently working “just fine.”

We’d like to offer a bit of a change in perspective though. Just like a maintenance tune-up for your car, routine air conditioning maintenance is vital for the overall performance of the system. This helps prevent repairs, improves efficiency, and can extend your system’s lifespan. Not convinced? Read on!

What Maintenance Does

Have you ever had professional air conditioning maintenance done before? If not, we do understand the hesitancy in paying for a service that doesn’t seem like an immediate need. However, maintenance enables our professionals to come in and thoroughly clean the interior components of the system (whether it be your air conditioner or your heater, actually) to make sure it is able to function as efficiently as possible.

In addition, our technicians inspect your system and check for anything that needs adjustment, repair, and even replacement. This all helps your system operate better!

“Do I Really Need This Service Now?”

In general, we recommend that you schedule your air conditioner maintenance right before you need the system the most. This would mean scheduling it in early spring—so, yes, now!

Honestly though, the time of the year you get maintenance is less important than the frequency in which you have it done. Maintenance should be performed at least once a year. Since we do live in an area that has humid and hot summers, our cooling systems get stressed out! So it makes sense to have this service done that often.

If you have a heat pump it’s a different story—you should have maintenance done more often. After all, you just got done using the system over the wintertime for your heating. Since a heat pump gets double the work as a more traditional central AC or furnace, it needs double the maintenance! Be sure to schedule a tune-up every 6 months.

Improving Your Comfort and Safety

One of the biggest reasons we encourage our customers to stay on top of their annual AC maintenance sessions is for their comfort, and the comfort of their family. After years of use, air conditioning systems perform less efficiently and effectively. Components begin to wear down due to wear and tear, just like what would happen in your car if you skipped auto maintenance.

Maintenance also helps keep you safe. Air conditioners are not inherently dangerous, however, they do have components—like refrigerant—that could become dangerous if not handled properly.  Fortunately, our staff is licensed and skilled to deal with all your air conditioner components.

Call to schedule your AC maintenance in Joliet, IL with our team. Comfort First Heating and Cooling, Inc., where we put your comfort first!

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