Heed These Signs You Need AC Repair

Monday, May 10th, 2021

old-air-conditioner-unitLet’s say you’ve just come inside after a fun, but hot, day of enjoying the outdoors, and you’re looking forward to taking a cool shower and then relaxing in your air-conditioned home. But alas, instead you return home to a house that’s hotter than it should be, even though you set your programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat to come on before you arrived home.

If you find yourself facing this scenario, you won’t be happy. We wouldn’t be either! But the good news is that you do have our technicians on your side to help. Read on as we uncover some of the warning signs of an air conditioner in disrepair, and then if any of them seem familiar, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The Signs

If you have a central air conditioner that needs repairs, you’ll want to reach out to our team as soon as you know you need them. But sometimes it can be hard to assess that need! This is why we’ve provided some indicators for you to watch out for below:

Loud or Unfamiliar Sounds

Have you discovered that your air conditioner has become quite noisy? This can be due to a number of potential factors. There might be a loose component, for example, or a motor bearing that has lost lubrication. These are natural parts of wear and tear, however neglecting them can create a domino effect inside your air conditioner—leading to an eventual breakdown.

Warm Air Coming from the Vents

If your system seems to be running as it should, but you feel warm air coming through the vents, then we have some news—it’s not running as it should. This could be as simple as a misset or miscalibrated thermostat, so be sure to check that first! Otherwise, you may be dealing with a refrigerant leak or something else internally, which definitely needs to be dealt with by a pro.

Low Airflow

Okay so maybe the air coming through your vents is cool, but it’s not very powerful? This might be caused by a clogged air filter! Fortunately, this is another one of those things you can check on your own. The HVAC air filter should be swapped out every 1-3 months during periods of system use to ensure that airflow stays consistent.

If the airflow isn’t to blame, it could be a problem with the blower fan or even damaged ductwork that’s letting conditioned air escape into unoccupied spaces like your attic or crawlspace.


Have you noticed your air conditioner cycling on and off rapidly? This is a process called short-cycling, and it can be pretty damaging to your air conditioner, exacerbating wear and tear and even shortening the lifespan of the system. Short-cycling is typically the symptom of an electrical problem if it’s in an older system, so give our team a call to get it fixed! We should note that if your system has always short-cycled, it was very likely not sized correctly to begin with and it may be time to consider a replacement.

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