How Will I Benefit from a Ductless Air Conditioner Installation?

Monday, June 6th, 2022

comfort-first-logoChances are, even if you weren’t quite aware of what exactly you were looking at, you’ve seen a ductless system before… or at least one of its air handlers. If you noticed a unit up high on the wall of a room that resembles a sleeker version of a window AC, yet doesn’t protrude through the back of the wall, that’s the air handler of a ductless system. These are also called ductless mini-split heat pumps and have a variety of benefits for homeowners.

Ductless air conditioners are comprised of a single outdoor unit and up to four indoor air handlers that can all work independently of each other. They also operate on heat pump technology, which means that not only can they effectively cool your home, but they also make efficient heaters as well.

These systems are becoming increasingly popular, not just in our little corner of the world, but throughout the U.S. Read on as we uncover why!

They Are Versatile

Although there are ductless models that are “cooling only,” most operate on heat pump technology, as we mentioned above. These systems work very similarly to refrigerant-based central air conditioners, but the refrigerant process can be reversed in order to provide heat, too. In fact, when used as a heater, it’s even more efficient than a furnace because instead of generating heat, it transfers it.

They Provide Zone Control

We also mentioned above how the air handlers can operate independently of one another. What we mean is that each wall unit can be set to its own temperature, or not even be turned on at all. So if you need cooling in the kitchen while you’re cooking, but the other rooms are at a perfectly fine temperature, you don’t need to blast cooling through the entire home.

This gives homeowners climate zoning capabilities in their household, reducing energy use and helping to create a more even spread of comfort. As an added bonus, it might even help prevent family arguments over where to set the thermostat!

They Save Energy

The above-mentioned features aren’t the only way installing a ductless system can save you energy and money. These systems also use smaller motors to operate than traditional heat pumps, so they consume less power overall. Plus, because there is no ductwork involved with a ductless system, you don’t have to worry about energy loss through potentially breached or damaged ductwork.

Ductless Systems Are Flexible

Ductless systems are really popular for new home construction as well as remodeling projects, since they remove the hassle of trying to fit ductwork in your living space. This also makes ductless systems a great choice for older homes that were built without central cooling and heating in mind.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

We mentioned duct breaches above–the thing is not only can damage ducts let conditioned air escape out, but it can also let contaminants and allergens from the outdoors in. With a ductless system, you never need to worry about this!

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